Has it been six years already?

Today marked my 6th anniversary of doing mornings at WIBG “Wibbage” 94.3.

2010 was a strange year for me. In the spring of that year, the management team that had put Dave Pratt and me back on mornings was fired in an internal shakeup. The new GM promised that if the ratings were good, he would take care of us, with raises, bonuses, cake and ice cream. Dave and I busted hump and when the numbers came out that summer, we scored our highest morning show rating ever (still the highest daypart number ever for the station.) So, we went back to the GM and got ready for the big payoff.

The next day, we got fired.  BY EMAIL. After 25 years!!!

At the time, I thought my world and my career was over. A real LOW point for me. While I was on the beach, the idea came to me to pitch the oldies station across town about doing mornings and selling. They were a small mom and pop operation, and they needed a strong local sales guy, as well as a local morning show to take them to the next level. I must have done well in the interview, because they hired me on the spot.

Fast forward six years later, and I couldn’t be happier. A great station, super co-workers and ultimately the job that I always wanted. Station Manager. All positives, which came from what I thought would be the absolute end for me. Taught me a real lesson in believing in yourself and not going gently into that good night.

Meanwhile, my former station went into bankruptcy protection later that fall.

Karma is a wonderful thing!


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